What is ISIS Puzzle?

ISIS is a phenomenon. A insanely crafted puzzle that only the keenest, most agile minds can even dream of cracking. And if you ever needed any evidence as to the unfathomable nature of this mysterious orb, there are 1000s and 1000s of pounds worth of gold and silver on offer to the few who manage to decipher its brain-teasers.

The ISIS is a mesmerizing physical object that is almost as impossible to put down as it is to figure out. Your single purchase is etched with two unique 10-digit numbers, one visible on the outside, the other concealed on the inside. Your mission is to solve the isis puzzle and find missing number.

$200 seems rather big amount of money, but when you consider the chance to win prizes and earn some money, it's a worthy investment. If not, you now own a coveted metallic puzzle orb that comes in a highly polished wooden box, that every collector of valuable things strive to have in posession.

Isis Puzzle and AdventureHome ISIS Puzzle & Adventure Based on an egyptian theme, this metal puzzle aims to challenge even the most advanced puzzle experts.  

This is a box, a puzzle box that's mind-bendingly, gut-wrenchingly infuriating in its construction.  And once you've beaten this puzzle, don't rest on your laurels.  ISIS Adventure Supposed to be the hardest puzzle in the world. Behold the isis puzzle.